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Our list solutions are designed based on market trends, world over. A constant pulse on the international market has helped us create mailing lists that have set a quality benchmark in the industry. Staying on top of major world updates allows us to create email list building solutions that direct organic traffic to our clients’ websites, translating into sales and high revenue. In addition to this, our passionate and committed team always strives to deliver the best to our clients.

A B2B email list is a contact list that contains B2B email addresses. They can either be grown organically, or they can be bought from a B2B email list provider. The former relies on manual prospecting to collect and collate data, whereas the latter automates the process, improving efficiency.

Let Mails Store Escort Your Business Towards the Path of Incontestable Success!

The digital era has called for a paradigm shift in marketing’s quintessential methods. One of the most sought-after ways of new-age marketing includes B2B emailing. Wordstream’s recent survey results have revealed that the Click Through Rates (CTRs) for B2B emailing campaigns were significantly higher than any other marketing channels.

Besides, 59% of the top marketing professionals have voted for B2B Email Lists to be the most effective channel when the focus is on revenue generation. It is no wonder that B2B email marketing has become the cynosure of marketing approaches. However, to harness its maximum potential, employing an authentic B2B list is as crucial as it gets.

Businesses are now focusing all their attention on generating useful B2B marketing leads. Why? Because sending out a Cold Email Blast to a homegrown list of contacts is not only unfulfilling but unforgivingly detrimental to your time and budget.

By partnering with Span Global Services, those worries won’t be shoveling you into a corner. Our B2B Email Lists house isochronally-appended and enriched data. Therefore, your business marketing strategies can hit the road to success with our pre-verified mailing lists, sans obstacles.

We have 3 different categories of mailing lists which include:

B2B Mailing ListsInternational Mailing List
Business Mailing ListIT Mailing Lists
Canada Mailing ListMailing Lists
C-Level Executive ListMarketing Leads
Construction Mailing ListsMarketing Mailing Lists
Country-Wise ListsOpt-In Mailing List
Custom Mailing ListsProfessional Mailing List
Demographic Targeted ListSIC Code Mailing List
Direct Mailing ListTargeted Mailing Lists
ERP and CRM Users Mailing ListsTechnology Users Mailing List
Geo- Targeted Mailing ListUK Mailing List
Healthcare Mailing ListUS Mailing List
Industry Mailing ListZip Code Mailing List

With data demanding a close watch, and its importance increasing every day, it is essential to ensure that all the data that you have procured or rented, needs to be maintained efficiently. As with many companies, it is an arduous task to do the same. Collaborating with a data services provider such as Span Global Services allows you with a larger bandwidth of services, coupled with expertise and precise knowledge that is hard to come by. Be it list management that involves list building or email lists, or data management in general, we will assist you with everything.