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Our International Mailing lists will help you expand your worldwide targeted industry sales. Get immediate access to 44 million active businesses and consumers across the world. Factors like natural calamities, market up-down; political shifts are some major parts affecting international list’s accuracy. We keep a tab on all these and assure our lists are accurate for your business.

We have accumulated permission based opt-in mailing lists through below resources:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Newsletters
  • IRS & SIC filings
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Directories
  • Global Trade Shows
  • Business White Pages

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Region Name

Total Counts

Region Name

Total Counts

USA Business Email List 78,160,162 Philippines Business List 4532
Canada Business Email List 256,000 Hungary Business List 4480
European Business Email List 670,000 Korea Business List 4570
UK Business Mailing List 18,321,634 Kuwait Business Mailing List 4300
France Business Email List 87000 Portugal Business List 4680
Germany Business Mailing List 81000 Qatar Business List 4760
Italy Business Mailing List 54000 International Importers Exporters Email List 3870
Netherlands Business Email List 33000 Peru Business List 2900
Sweden Business Email List 34300 Colombia Business List 2780
New Zealand Business Mailing List 36800 Jordan Business List 2190
Singapore Business Email List 29800 Denmark Business Mailing List 25000
Ireland Business Email List 19800 Norway Business Email List 27000
Finland Business Mailing List 18400 Switzerland Business Email List 24000
Mexico Business Email List 17800 Spain Business Email List 23200
Poland Business Email List 11800 International Health Services Email List 19500
Taiwan Business Mailing List 12200 Brazil Business Mailing List 18900
Israel Business Email List 11200 Russia Business Mailing List 12400
Malaysia Business Email List 13600 Turkey Business Email List 9790
Hong Kong Business Email List 9700 Thailand Business Email List 7630
Japan Business Email List 39600 Saudi Arabia Business Email List 6520
Belgium Business Email List 36400 China Business Email List 17900
South Africa Business Mailing List 39500 Czech Republic Business List 16900
Greece Business Email List 5820 UAE Business Email List 15600
Argentina Business List 6210 Austria Business Mailing List 13600
Indonesia Business Mailing List 5210 And Many More


At Mails STORE, we have fully recognized the dynamic shift that world markets have undergone and we focus on helping you capitalize on it. That’s why our international Email Database or Lists are some of the most accurate sources available in the Internet. Our primary objective is to put your brand on the world stage and enable it to compete successfully against even the biggest market players. We achieve this through a system of collaborative campaign management and exhaustive lead verification, placing your latest & quality products in culturally diverse environments across four continents.  Mails STORE has come a long way in offering holistic marketing experiences to our clients and users. This is the very reason, why we are among the world-class providers of marketing and communications database.


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