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Schools email List contains all the K-12 School Principals, Superintendents and Teachers opt-in email addresses from all the schools and grades in the whole education system in the nation. Each Teacher, Principal and Superintendent is listed and regularly updated. Every record contains email of the current principal and superintendent.

The list can help with fast communication with the teachers and sending promotional materials. For over a decade of compiling K-12 school data, we are able to provide our experience and our greatest achievements to companies and small businesses that are in need of school email lists to reach principals, superintendents and other district personnel. Updated weekly, we create a new standard in school and district data quality, while being #1 in affordable pricing over any of our competitors.

List Delivery Guarantee: 

95%+ for Direct mails, 95%+ for Tele-contacts and 85% to 90% + for emails.

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K12 Prospects has created the largest and most accurate compilation of education school data. We list every elementary, middle and high school nationwide, which is what, makes our principals email list so desirable by both large and medium scale businesses needing K12 email lists. A top priority for every customer is high quality data, which we accomplish by screening our lists, providing weekly updates and a final update before the data is delivered. The K-12 Education segment still remains unexplored by many educational institutes and providers of products, solutions, and services that cater to the K-12 segment. For this sector to be affordable, far-reaching and qualitative, there are umpteen gaps that have to be filled up to realize the full potential of the sector. If you are one of those growth agents who can bridge the demand and supply gap in the K-12 Education, Mails STORE’s K-12 Schools Email List can be your strongest resource. The ambit of our K-12 Schools Email Database covers various educational institutes such as Government/Public schools, Private Schools, Vocational Schools, Boarding Schools, Convent Schools and so on.

If you’re looking for K-12 teacher email lists, MCH Strategic Data can help you! Our Monitor Service enables us to provide you with the most accurate K-12 teacher email list available and new names no other compiler can provide. We can help you reach teachers at their school and home by postal, email, or phone. Education marketers who search for K-12 teacher email lists, often request K-12 teacher mailing lists and K-12 teacher phone numbers.  If your education product or service is designed for students in a specific age range, MCH can also provide elementary teacher mailing lists and elementary teacher email lists. With Agile’s school selects you can further refine your lists to target by school size, community demographics, and even the types of technologies in use. Make sure to take advantage of what information the selects you choose tell you about your prospects. For the best response, customize your messages and product offers based on what you know.


And we, at Mails Store, make sure you can effectively tap into that market.

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