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Power up your marketing with our data intelligence solutions

As a Business 2 Business (B2) marketer, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and expand your Business 2 Business (B2) network then you should not limit your promotional activities within the boundary of traditional marketing methodologies. You need to keep track of every beat of this dynamic market and the contemporary marketing trends. At Mails Store, we can help your businesses in market expansion and amplifying Return on Investment / ROI by providing highly-responsive, yet affordable marketing intelligence solutions. Are you ready for that?

Reach the perfect audience with our marketing intelligence services

When marketers are busy planning their marketing strategies and campaign budget, they usually miss out on one yet the most important factor – using the right business database. It is a must to use authentic data, as it forms the foundation of every marketing campaign. With people are been changing jobs, houses, email addresses and interests frequently, keeping track is getting tougher for marketers. At Mails Store, we offer cost-effective Data Intelligence Solutions to keep your email marketing database updated to get optimum results and improve revenues generation. Translate data into actionable insights with our solutions:

Our Solution

Start with people, they are the customers of data

Insights from people within your organisation allow us to pinpoint problems and daily frustrations. Using our proprietary email marketing database Mapper software these insights can be efficiently converted into digitization quick wins and long-term strategies.

Email Marketing Database Intelligence Services will be your Performance Partner. We can support you on everything from full digital marketing transformation programmers through to front-end designs, database engineering, artificial intelligence and IT support.

At Mails STORE marketing database Intelligence Services we know the power of digitization to transform teams. We also understand the pitfalls. Putting teams at the center of transformation, fostering the correct mindset, and ensuring clear goals are all critical to success.

Our database team have experienced this first hand; our senior positions have proven industry experience before joining us. By combining this experience with our in-house tools, we can support you and your teams with clear, actionable advice based on a unique blend of real world experience and cutting edge data technologies.