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Let’s Find Out if You are One of the Following:

If you are a marketer and know your top customer accounts and their postal addresses but are unable to find email IDs of relevant recipients.

Humanly Verified
If you want to automatically find out the email addresses existing of all your contacts and make sure that the inboxes are humanly verified.

Refreshed Data
If you want to ensure that verified and updated email lead data is refreshed often so that you can be sure that the email campaigns don’t bounce off.

Whatever your customer intelligence challenges, consider them solved! Experience the best customer intelligence on-demand with our superior data mining capabilities.

The industry average to match and refresh the database stands at an average of 90 days. At Span Global services, we undertake data refresh at regular intervals of every 45 days.

What does the word append mean?

“Append” refers to the process of adding something as an attachment or supplement to another thing. As a marketing professional, a few examples of appending that you may have encountered in day-to-day life are:

Emailing out marketing communications and appending a flyer to the message, elaborating on the topics included in the email. Creating an agenda for a meeting with a client and appending (linking) any deliverables to the document.
When you append information, you supplement the information already available to give the person or team using that information a better understanding of the topic at hand. This improved understanding allows you to improve your marketing efforts— whether it’s giving customers a more comprehensive view of your product or service or giving your internal team a stronger understanding of your target audience for more precise outreach.